s50 Online

Powerfull and feature rich cloud based accounting solution

s50 Online gives you the oportunity to access your accounting data through a web browser.

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About us

Innovative solution to boost your business

Secure, fast and reliable solution with an advanced user interface supported by a powerful accounting engine in the background delivers a wealth of features and over 300 reports so you can accurately track and monitor your business development and finances.

How it looks


Just log in and all your accounting data is at your fingertips.


Data communication is handled through latest security protocols.

Familiar interface

You will instantly know your way around.

Electronic documents

Attach your scanned or photographed invoices, bills, contracts... to every transaction or data record for an additional level of accuracy.

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s50 Online features in numbers

We are dedicated to constantly improving and developing new features


Transaction Types

Invoices, Credits, Receipts, Payments, Refunds, Accruals, Bank Transfers



Complete business performance review

Easy navigation through screens and windows

s50 Online user interface design is familiar to experienced accountants and financial executives. It is clean and functional. Users have a feeling of working on a locally installed software application.

Upload and attach electronic documents to data records and transactions for easier collaboration!

Why s50 Online?

Power, security, availability

Backed up by the powerful and reliable accounting engine, s50 Online delivers the missing and much needed segment of business applications today, the power of web. With the familiar user interface and fast setup procedure, users can enjoy the benefits of online accounting in a few minutes.


s50 Online is more feature rich and less expensive then trending online accounting solutions.

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